Our History

First invented by Harry Mather in London, Ontario, the Ice King scraper was a novel and untested concept in 1968.  Harry perservered and sold a few machines to IceTechnicians willing to try out a new machine that would reportedly help them to make their ice better and more level.  Before long, Ice Technicians around Ontario were calling to find out about this odd machine and Ice King  began to be recognized as a company with an exciting new product. 

Ice Technicians all over Canada were using the Ice King Scraper with amazing success.  Making perfect ice is an art and now an exciting new machine was making the job easier!  Ice Technicians the all over the world have been using Ice King Scrapers to acheive brilliant results ever since.

In 1986 Harry decided to retire.  Continuing Harry's level of perfection, Ice King's new owners were always looking for ways to improve the machine.  In the summer of 1993, a leap forward - Bill Wood decided to install batteries in place of electrical cords! Suddenly, the "Ice King Super Battery Scraper" was born!

Ice King is also the world leader in blade sharpening and new blades.  Bi-metal blades with High Seed steel inlays are our standard - thus ensuring our customers that they will have the best blades available.  

In 2005, Ice King reached a milestone and sold its 1000th Ice Scraper. Shortly after, in 2009, the first electronically controlled ice scraper was produced by Ice King. 

Today, Ice King is a division of Guspro Inc. Their vision is to build on the Ice King reputation for World Class ice scraping equipment, high quality blade sharpening and curling rink equipment. The manufacturing operations are located Chatham, Ontario, and Ice King has retained the experienced knowledge base that is so important to our customers while increasing its manufacturing capability to meet market demands.

We look forward to working with the Curling World for years to come.