Premium Blade Sharpening

(Including "Nipper" Blades - See Below)

Ice King performs blade sharpening at our facilities in Chatham, Ontario.  Our Premium Service Package provides high quality scraping blades - any model, any brand, any size.

Ice King's Premium Blade Sharpening package ensures that your blade is returned to your club ready to create great curling ice.  All necessary services are included at one price - NO ADDERS for straightening, stress relief, back grinding or beam repairs.

All blades are processed within 10 business days.  Walk-ins are welcome - an appointment is appreciated!  Any club that requires expedited delivery is also welcome to schedule in advance to ensure return within 2 business days.


Services included with every order:

  • Pre-Sharpening Inspection
    • Profile documentation
  • Blade Straightening (if required)
  • Stress Relief (if required)
  • Full front grind using Ice King's dedicated computer-controlled grinder
    •  Blade and support beam remain attached - ensuring a straight and level blade
  • Option for backgrind (if required or requested)
  • Deburring
  • Hand honing
  • Post-sharpening inspection
    • Profile documentation
  • Application of rust inhibitor
  • Buff and repainting of the support beam
  • Replacement of Blade Guard fasteners if required
  • LTL Freight shipments are boxed to protect the blade(s)
  • Sharpness Guarantee*

A note regarding clubs considering using machine shops for Blade Sharpening....

Ice King blade sharpening services are custom tailored for your CURLING SCRAPER blade.  Unlike typical machine shops, Ice King's grinding equipment is DEDICATED to sharpening curling scraper blades ONLY.  Machine shops typically sharpen Zamboni® and paper cutting blades to a tolerance of 0.003" per foot.  This is six times the tolerance necessary to properly sharpen a Curling Scraper blade.  Also note that many machine shops will remove the blade from the support beam, thereby making it impossible to ensure that the final blade profile is straight and flat, as reattaching it to the beam may introduce distortion.  

Additionally, Ice King inspects all blades prior to mounting them on the computer controlled grinder - thus tailoring every blade grinding operation to the requirements of that blade.  Once grinding is complete, the blade is inspected again, to insure that the tolerance of 0.0005" versus a Master Straight edge is maintained over the full 5 feet of the blade width.